Between claims of DHA, Vitamin D, active B Vitamins and more, how's a mom supposed to know which prenatal vitamin is the best, or the one for her?

Ayla Brammer, founder and formulator of Full Circle Prenatal, shares her expertise and talks about why Full Circle is formulated the way it is - a vitamin to optimize health in the perinatal period.

Show notes:
Full Circle Prenatal (affiliate link - I appreciate your support!)
Full Circle Prenatal (non affiliate link)


  • 3:22 - Ayla's introduction
  • 8:56 - Full Circle Prenatal's products
  • 11:41 - False claims on prenatal vitamins
  • 15:31 - Highly important nutrients for pregnancy: Vitamin D, choline, magnesium
  • 21:46 - How the body absorbs nutrients; dosage sizes
  • 28:56 - Highlights of Full Circle Prenatal
  • 31:16 - Evidence-based prenatal standards
  • 34:20 - Is Vitamin A really dangerous?
  • 38:01 - Can you overdose on nutrients?
  • 40:27 - When is it best to take supplements?
  • 44:16 - Does every pregnant mom need a prenatal vitamin?
  • 48:39 - Are prenatal supplement standards worldwide?

Are you thinking about the keto diet for postpartum? Have you heard some things to scare you away from it?

Laura's got your back! Laura Pinnick is a registered dietitian and certified breastfeeding specialist who has gone through two postpartums on the keto diet and breastfed.

She's here to let you know that it is possible to maintain the keto lifestyle AND your milk supply at the same time.


  • 2:50 - Laura's introduction
  • 4:27 - Keto's origin and impact on various health conditions
  • 6:04 - What is the keto diet?
  • 6:47 - Maintaining energy levels with keto while breastfeeding
  • 8:28 - Figuring out how many carbs are good for you
  • 12:31 - Checking ketones to make sure you're in ketosis
  • 14:32 - Benefits of the keto diet
  • 15:44 - Adverse side effects of the keto diet in postpartum
  • 20:30 - When should a mom in postpartum start the keto diet
  • 30:15 - Carbs impact breastmilk supply
  • 34:35 - Does keto affect breastmilk composition?
  • 36:42 - What foods to avoid for keto
  • 38:30 - Keto bloggers
  • 39:26 - Variations of keto
  • 41:11 - How long to stay on keto
  • 45:17 - "Superfoods" to help breastmilk supply
  • 47:54 - How to get started on keto in postpartum
December 22, 2020

An Update

Just a quick update on what's going on and there will be no new episodes over the holiday break. 

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December 15, 2020

Validating formula feeding

Breastfeeding isn't always an option, not to mention it's a ton of pressure, so expert formula technician, Mallory Whitmore, informs about formula feeding. 

If you're scared to formula feed, undecided, feeling pressured, or want to know more about it, Mallory gives great information to support and help moms make the decisions best for you and your baby.

And like all our expert guests, Mallory dispels a few MYTHS as well!


  • 2:02 - Mallory's introduction
  • 4:33 - The mission of The Formula Mom - helping moms breastfeed without the shame
  • 6:03 - Mallory's experience with gestational diabetes
  • 12:45 - Why some GD babies need formula immediately after birth
  • 16:58 - The link between postpartum depression and the pressure to breastfeed
  • 18:11 - Top myths about formula feeding
  • 24:30 - Common questions about formula feeding
  • 29:15 - Lactose intolerance in babies
  • 31:00 - How to know if your baby is reacting to the formula
  • 34:34 - How to look past the marketing of different brands

Have you heard that pregnant women shouldn't eat soft cheeses: that it should be avoided to be safe: maybe that you can eat it only if it's made with pasteurized milk?

We set the record straight with the official CDC recommendation and talk about why soft cheese is even in question for potentially causing listeria poisoning.



Do you hear that pregnant women shouldn't eat deli meat to avoid listeria poisoning, or maybe that it should be microwaved or heated some way before eating? Does everyone have a different answer?

Here's the "official" CDC recommendation and the evidence based research behind deli meat linked to listeria in the past decade, pregnant women and listeria, and possible outcomes.

Show Notes -

There's a TON of controversy and misinformation about the methods for testing for gestational diabetes, and in the midst of it all is you, the mom who just wants solid answers. Here are the current facts so you can know your options!

Show notes -

Glucose management is particularly challenging during the holidays, but sometimes stressing over it does just as much damage as if you pigged out.

Here's what I say: if you're going to pig out, do it guilt-free, but if you're holding true to your carb limits on Thanksgiving, I have some tips and tricks to make the dishes you love lower glycemic.

All resources mentioned can be found at

Diabetes is called a disease of complications because it's often hard to tell if a person has diabetes until their consistent high blood sugar causes complications in their body that are more visible: complications like stroke, heart disease, nerve damage, etc.

Even though gestational diabetes is for a small period of time, you are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes after birth, so it's beneficial to implement some parts of the gestational diabetic lifestyle even after birth, especially if you plan to have more children.

All research and links can be found at

What happens after birth?
You tend to the baby's needs and everyone wants to know how the baby is doing; then, 6 weeks later, your doctor asks if you're feeling depressed.
What about all that time in between and thereafter? Who is taking care of you after the amazing feat your body accomplished?
Maranda Bower, expert in postpartum healing, knows the importance of taking care of and healing mom to a healthy and thriving state.

All resources mentioned can be found at


  • 3:38 - Maranda's introduction
  • 4:25 - The length of postpartum
  • 8:00 - How postpartum differs in generations
  • 10:08 - The importance of healing in postpartum - it affects mesopause
  • 14:20 - What's common in postpartum and how it isn't normal
  • 20:00 - Different ways to get support
  • 26:05 - Autoimmune diseases in postpartum
  • 35:05 - Postpartum across cultures
  • 37:56 - Foods that help help in postpartum
  • 42:43 - The link between healing and breastmilk
  • 46:06 - Recent client success story
  • 49:05 - How to know when you need help
  • 52:50 - How to heal with Maranda

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