February 2, 2021

What to look for in a prenatal vitamin

Between claims of DHA, Vitamin D, active B Vitamins and more, how's a mom supposed to know which prenatal vitamin is the best, or the one for her?

Ayla Brammer, founder and formulator of Full Circle Prenatal, shares her expertise and talks about why Full Circle is formulated the way it is - a vitamin to optimize health in the perinatal period.

Show notes: https://thegestationaldiabetic.com/18-2/
Full Circle Prenatal (affiliate link - I appreciate your support!)
Full Circle Prenatal (non affiliate link)


  • 3:22 - Ayla's introduction
  • 8:56 - Full Circle Prenatal's products
  • 11:41 - False claims on prenatal vitamins
  • 15:31 - Highly important nutrients for pregnancy: Vitamin D, choline, magnesium
  • 21:46 - How the body absorbs nutrients; dosage sizes
  • 28:56 - Highlights of Full Circle Prenatal
  • 31:16 - Evidence-based prenatal standards
  • 34:20 - Is Vitamin A really dangerous?
  • 38:01 - Can you overdose on nutrients?
  • 40:27 - When is it best to take supplements?
  • 44:16 - Does every pregnant mom need a prenatal vitamin?
  • 48:39 - Are prenatal supplement standards worldwide?

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