October 27, 2020

Postpartum healing - the importance of it and how to do it

What happens after birth?
You tend to the baby's needs and everyone wants to know how the baby is doing; then, 6 weeks later, your doctor asks if you're feeling depressed.
What about all that time in between and thereafter? Who is taking care of you after the amazing feat your body accomplished?
Maranda Bower, expert in postpartum healing, knows the importance of taking care of and healing mom to a healthy and thriving state.

All resources mentioned can be found at https://thegestationaldiabetic.com/9/


  • 3:38 - Maranda's introduction
  • 4:25 - The length of postpartum
  • 8:00 - How postpartum differs in generations
  • 10:08 - The importance of healing in postpartum - it affects mesopause
  • 14:20 - What's common in postpartum and how it isn't normal
  • 20:00 - Different ways to get support
  • 26:05 - Autoimmune diseases in postpartum
  • 35:05 - Postpartum across cultures
  • 37:56 - Foods that help help in postpartum
  • 42:43 - The link between healing and breastmilk
  • 46:06 - Recent client success story
  • 49:05 - How to know when you need help
  • 52:50 - How to heal with Maranda

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